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Vintage Bridal Peignoir Set

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A stunning and glamorous rare vintage Miss Elaine long soft white/ beige peignoir nightgown & robe set mint condition.

A lovely long soft white/ beige like nightgown with a beautiful embroidered pattern chest. Same embroidery pattern is decorated on the lower part of the gown. From bodice it flows in folds freely to the floor where it flairs out into to graceful full sweep.

Robe is made of a sheer double layer of chiffon / mesh like fabric that flows endlessly & in elegance as it sweeps & glides across the floor while complimenting the gown. Gorgeous embroidery from around the neckline & down the front borders. Beautiful sheer full length sleeves.

See circled pictures for some imperfections and discoloration due to the tissue it was store in.
Fits S/M
Chest 19”
Length 54”
Sleeves 21.5
Length 36"
Waist across 11" un-stretched

Must have Luxury vintage sleepwear