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Kente - Satin Bonnet
Kente - Satin Bonnet

Kente - Satin Bonnet

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Ankara satin lined bonnet.

This unisex extra large Ankara satin bonnet is perfect for full / big/ long curly hair, Afro hair, braids and dreadlocks. It is reversible and has 19" elastic band un-stretched, making sure it fits well but not too tight for headaches.

Perfect for natural hair care and gifting

Ankara fabric/ Kente
Beige/gold satin lining
19" enclosed non-roll elastic.

extra large ( Approximately 28" circumference)

Care: Best hand washed warm/cold and air dry to preserve elastic and the vibrant colors.

Color: Multicolored blue/ orange /White /Beige/gold charmeuse Satin

Ready to ship within 1-2 days after order.

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