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Floral Silk Satin Scarf/ Bandana

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Stunning and vibrantly colorful silk floral scarf. 

This printed Silk floral scarf is very soft to the touch either just the right amount or luster and vibrance to add a touch of vibrance and elegance to any woman's style who embraces feminine, colorful accessories. 

Apart from its beauty, this Scarf will serve as a gorgeous Bandana to protect your hair do on a windy day, it's gentle to the touch, feather light , easy to carry in pocket or purse with numerous ways to style.

They also make fantastic and thoughtful, usable gifts.

Size. Approx 20" square.

Shipping. Ready to ship in a giftable box within 2-3 days after purchase.

CARE: Best hand washed and air dry. Can machine wash separately, Gentle Cycle, Air Dry.