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Satin Lined Hooded Indigo Mudcloth Poncho. Silk-Satin

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Stunningly vibrant and soft hooded satin lined mudcloth poncho. This Hooded poncho is carefully handcrafted using vintage plant dyed indigo mudcloth that was originally created on Burkina Faso in 2000. No two hoodies /ponchos will ever be exactly the same as each piece is individually made from it own mudcloth fabric.

The poncho is medium weight and has texture to it. This adds to their beauty and can be layered for warmth in cold season, travelling, or cuddle on the couch for movies.

This Poncho features a satin lined hoodie with a free fitting silhouette.
The plant dyed indigo mudcloth Poncho has a tassel hem, and one has none. You get to choose!

Size. One size fits most.
The belt is for styling purposes.

CARE. Best spot cleaned or hand washed. Do not soak in the washer as that will interfere with the rich indigo color.

Shipping. Allow 2 weeks processing time