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Black Waterproof Shower cap | Unisex Reusable Shower Cap (Pre-order)

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Well made reusable and waterproof Shower cap.
This makes Shower time easier without getting your hair wet when its not wash day.

Big enough to fit both fine hair, Afro hair, braids and locs.


This fabric is also coated with a PU finish (polyurethane). The PU coating allows the fabric to be completely waterproof through a seam sealing process.

Let drip dry after Shower.

Brush off all loose dirt with a soft bristle brush.

Evenly spray on a cleaning solution (can be simply water or a brand trusted soap).

Gently and evenly scrub with a soft bristle brush.

Allow cleaning solution (after it is brushed around) to sit and eliminate all dirt and marks.

Rinse thoroughly until all the soap residue is gone.

Allow for fabric to air dry.
**Can also be used for deep conditioning while doing other chores at home.

Ready to ship within 5-10 business days after purchase