About us

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About Fabric Child, LLC.

Our story began in 2015, when our founder, Ann Owen, moved to the United States, from Kenya. It is during this time that she started making hand sewn clothing and pillow covers using African Prints Fabrics, and the vibrant colors and prints brought about the sense of belonging and home.

In 2018, she started making baby clothes as a special mother daughter bond, something that grew deeper with her daughter's love for the Ankara beautiful colors. It was also a conversation starter about the rich African culture that she always loved to share with friends and family.

In 2019, after moving to a new state and having to start over as a stay at home mom while looking for jobs and daycare, Ann started sewing Headwrap, dresses and pillow covers, and opened an ETSY shop, a decision that has made it possible for FabricChild to create and share the joyful products and colors with  our wonderful customers. 

FabricChild, LLC was born! Our passion for authentic designs incorporating African prints that have vibrant colors and patterns, endless work and my daughter's love for the clothes brought this vision to life.

FabricChild, LLC offers African inspired home décor items, hair accessories, bags and clothing.

We derive inspiration from the cultures around us and our mothers, who insisted on us growing to be our kind of beautiful, unique and strong, as we know many parents thrive to bring up their children. 

Our products bring together the quality African Prints' fabric, such as Kente, Ankara, Kitenge, and other fine materials and stunning designs to create something unique and special. We believe in excellent, long lasting and authentic products that spread love, and worth creating a lifetime of memories.

Each product represent love, wrapped in a sense of belonging, and hope you will be inspired to explore the vibrant colors, patterns and unique you!!

Stand tall, live colorfully and be you!... Kenteful!