About the Founder

Ann Owen

Fabricchild, LLC , was founded by Ann Owen, born and raised in the Republic of Kenya. Having been brought up in a country with culture rich in embracing custom made clothing using mainly Ankara, famously known as 'Kitenge', her love for the vibrant colors and beautiful patterns became more rooted and she always wanted to share the rich Afrocentric culture and spread the joy that came with it. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Education, and also is a loving mother and wife.

For the love of children and craft creations, she started making more clothes when she had her baby girl, and the joy, accompanied with bright smiles, twirls and laughs her baby made every time she wore new handmade clothes is the main motivation behind her constant creations.

She is honored to share beautiful baby and mama outfits, incorporating bright colors, patterns and textures with the goal of spreading cheer, love❤ and the rich Ankara culture . 

"Be a sunshine and spread the love".

The products are carefully hand-crafted  with quality in mind.