7 Simple Morning Habits To An Empowered, Peaceful Day

7 Simple Morning Habits To An Empowered, Peaceful Day

 Morning routines can be challenging, especially with the darker winter seasons when twilight seems to have skipped town and staying in bed is as charming as ever! But of course we do not live in that kind of world as we have goals to meet, children to take care of and so much more.

With a few tweaks to the morning routine/ habits here and there, I have come nearly to establishing one that gets the job done for a more pleasurable morning, with a touch of fulfilment and less pressure throughout the day. Let's get to it, shall we? 

1.) Instant Meditation vs Phone Scrolling.

This has by far been the biggest game changer when it comes to a mindful start to the day! This step entails slowly going over my favorite verses such a Psalm 23, or Psalm 143:8 while still laying in bed. One can also say a gratitude prayer while setting mental intentions for the day. This can be more enjoyable if you wake up a little bit earlier in order to avoid the morning rush feeling.

Initially, I would start my day by scrolling through all the social media planforms with which I had accounts, followed by comparing the glamorized social media feed/ life to whatever was going on in my reality. This kind of behavior was not only time consuming but also energy draining if one is not careful.

2.) Praying, Bible Study & Journaling.

Consider this to be your quiet time when everything else gets to wait while you nourish your soul. This step comes in handy as it create an atmosphere of gratitude, going over the written goal, creating systems for their attainment and establishing time blocks for the day's tasks. I call this my power hour / coffee with my heavenly father and inner self.
Ever wondered why you seemed to be so busy during the day but can't pin-point what major progress took place in your to do list / tasks? Writing the day's activities with time blocks really helps cut down the guesswork of what to do and avoid "busy work"
3.) Have a cup of coffee/ tea/ water in your favorite mug.
This step might sound insignificant but we tend to set aside our best dishes and garment for special occasions and guests. Try treating each day like a special occasion starting with a nice cup of your favorite beverage and take a mental note of how that makes you feel. Absolutely refreshing!
4.) Quick Workout / Body Movement
Do not overthink this part especially if working out is a stressful thought. This is a habit that has to be learned and the best way I go about it when I absolutely do not feel like it is by telling myself "muscle burn in 5minutes". There's a confidence boost attached to that burn and its amazing!
Working out does not necessarily have to be a visit to the gym or availability of numerous equipment. Overtime I've come to realize that doing repeated, focused movements that engage muscles get the job done. You can readily find videos on YouTube and do this right at home.
5.) Personal Grooming & Getting Dressed
For those who work outside their homes this can be a no brainer. It almost happens automatically as you have places to be. Working from home can lead to a slide on this part if we are not careful. And the truth is that for whatever reason our mood and the way we carry ourselves can be attached to how we physically see ourselves. This does not have to be a full blown dress up scenario although the more extra you want to do it the merrier! Now down to the details, take a shower, wear a clothing that makes you feel empowered when you pass by a mirror or makes you appreciate yourself, do something about the hair, moisturize and carry on with your day.
This daily habit is not only empowering, but also keeps us in touch with ourselves. DO NOT PUT YOURSELF IN THE SHADOWS!
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6.) Audio Book/ Soothing Music / Motivational Speech
Now you might be thinking, " I do not have all day for a morning routine."
The truth is, we can listen to something while our hands are busy. It all comes down to what we choose to do. This step can be done while having a shower, getting dressed or even brushing teeth. 
If its an audio book or a motivational speech, the listening might have to be a more intentional act so as to be able to benefit from it. Some of my favorite speakers are (Earl Nightingale,  Steve Harvey,  Joseph Murphy, ....to mention a few) Find your favorites on YouTube and you can search by topics. As far as the music goes, this can be done in more relaxed way , do a little sway, dance and get in the positive mood because I believe that each brand new day is a clean slate to put our best foot forward, be glad in it and rejoice. I love the Ambiance coffee jazz channels on YouTube for this as well.

7.) Being present/ Speaking Life & Keeping in touch with loved ones.
Being present to me is all about taking each moment one step at a time and making sure I'm not taking anything for granted. Speak life and blessing to all that you do and constantly say "thank you" in your heart. This habits helps minimize the art of "comparison & Complaining" with what everyone else has going on. In fact, it enables you to celebrate others and be more mindful of those loved ones or friends you are blessed with. 
One of the most important thing I do on a daily basis is calling my loved ones and really getting to listen and be present in what they are interested in. This action takes our mindset from the self-centered one and also acts as a reminder that we are not all alone in this world.
Until next time, have a beautiful, blessed day or evening wherever you are! Stay Blessed.
Ann Owen,
Creator & Maker @www.fabricchild.com

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