Pixie Dress and Sustainable Sewing

Pixie Dress and Sustainable Sewing

This African Print Pixie dress is important to us because it is part of our sustainable sewing project.

Sustainability is not only important economically as it lowers the production cost while increasing productivity, but also environmentally as it reduces waste creation, thus preserving, if not improving the quality of the environment. 

What part of this dress is sustainable?

As part of a handmade business that make clothes and head wraps using fabrics, we have made it one of our core requirements to only cut fabrics to the required shape and dimensions as much as possible. This has greatly reduced the amount of scraps created during the clothes production process.

In the event that we have scrap fabrics, for example the circular patch of fabric leftover after cutting a skirt, we have managed to use that piece to make decorative bows that we later on use as decorations on the girl's dresses. 

We also use/ recycle the fabrics or scarps to make headbands, scrunchies and handkerchiefs.


Our goal is to enlighten more people about sewing in a mindful and sustainable way, giving them ideas on what to do with scrap fabrics instead of trashing them and creating waste which is harmful to the environment. Attached is the link to our video. https://youtu.be/iv9GU2-nwXk

We also hope to make more than enough dresses, bows, scrunchies, handkerchiefs and headbands so that we can donate them to kids and help make a child happy.

Thank you for taking time to read our blog. Be a sunshine and your kind of beautiful.

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