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"Look at that beauty!!" "Where are we going?" Asked Wuon Pacho.

Well, a new month might just be a good time to style something new, right? So I woke up this morning feeling energized and ready to conquer my goals. To make sure that the whole goal conquering mode was nice, stylish and smooth, I decided to get dressed and even carry a clutch bag to the desk🤣🤣😍. Anyway, it was quite a day.

When it comes to personal styling and making products for FabricChild, we love to think versatility. How else can our finished product be used or carried? How vibrant is it? What about the quality? What feeling will the customer get when using/ rocking their new buy? 

Now, Let's tackle the topic of the day; Styling Soft Fold-Over Clutch.

a) Rolled Purse


To achieve this style, put whatever you need into the bag and zip it up. Lay the bag down and then do the burrito roll to get the rolled up look. This rolled soft fold over clutch can be carried under the armpit with support around the elbow, you can also put your arm through the wrist loop and hold it as in picture 3. Rock the rolled look! Shop Here

b) Fold-Over Purse


This look can be achieved by folding the soft clutch bag into half and holding it in-front of you with both hands. The soft Ankara clutch bag can also be held under the armpit, supporting it with the palm of one hand. This look is mostly when one goes on evening dates or formal events. Step out BOLDLY! Shop Here

 c) Errand Run


I love to call this style grab and go because its mostly what I use to hold my bags and run out the door. Or just secure the bag and go grocery shopping. 

To achieve this look, unfold the soft fold-over clutch bag, place it under the armpit and loop one hand through the wrist strap for a more secure hold. Remember, these clutch bags are made using canvas fabric lining, giving them a more stronger hold and longer durability.

 d) Fanny pack.


 Looking for hands free ways to rock your clutch? Got a belt? How about trying the fanny pack style?

To achieve this, loop a belt of choice around your waist and then one side of the belt through the wrist strap on the bag. At this moment, make sure the bag is not folded. Buckle the belt as usual the fold the clutch bag over it.

Perks: Now you have a larger fanny pack with more room and hands free 😍.

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I looove the fanny pack style😍


I looove the fanny pack style😍


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