Styling Oversized Sweater and Boots

Styling Oversized Sweater and Boots

An over-sized sweater is one of my favorite go-to clothing when it comes to outfit selection. If you think about it, this gem can be dressed up for formal events or evening dates, dressed down for more casual looks, and my best part is the fact that over-sized sweaters/ pullovers can be layered for extra warmth in the cold seasons. 

My cup of tea in terms of incorporating an over-sized sweater when picking out an outfit of the day is adding boots to the mix. This highly depends on the occasion or the number or chores to be done on the given day.  This look goes well with a pair of jean shorts when its warmer outside or jean pants if the extra warmth is needed.

Sprinkle some Sunflower in the mix and there goes spring!!!




In the above pictures, I am wearing the sweater with the v-shape on the back for more chest coverage and a little bit of skin showing on the back.

It is your sweater! Rock it as you please.



Turning your sweater front-back and pairing it up with a matching head-wrap is also a wonderful way to slay your outfit for the day.

If you get bored with one colored sweater or want to add an extra layer, consider wearing a more fitting sweater with bright or contrasting color under the over-sized one.


Adding Knit sweater skirt  to the mix is also one way to dress up for winter to spring weather transition. If tucking a chunky sweater in a skirt makes you panic because it might show extra layers and bunch up, worry not. Use one of your high-waist  tight leggings to tuck and hold everything in place!



You can find the black Velvet Fold-over clutch bag here

Watch Outfit video here. 


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