Head wrap is one of the accessories that has been and will still be worn by women and some men. To many, the head-wrap has a cultural and significant  meaning running so deep into their roots while for others it is an additional accessory to compliment their outfit and standout.


No matter what the meaning/ intention to wrapping that beautiful accessory is, you go out there and rock it confidently like you mean it!

   Batik Headwrap | FabricChild, LLC

1: African women, my mother and grandma included, wore their head wraps for both cultural, religious and beauty meaning. It was culturally appropriate and sometimes required for women to wear or tie their head wraps. Religiously, they wore it as a sign of cleanliness, beauty and unity, and this came in handy if you add to the fact that women had to get the whole house hold ready and out the door in time for church. So the head wrap came in as the quickest and easiest protective and presentable style to compliment their outfit and show up on time.

Who doesn't love a quick and beautiful protective style?         

Ankara Headwraps | FabricChild, LLC

2: For beauty. Looking into the beauty aspect of the head wrap, it got and still gets the job done. Look around you, do you see how beautiful women and some men rock that head-wrap/ turban? Isn't it just as unique and beautiful as it stands out? I will let you sock that in.

3: Strength symbol. Yes honey! If the art of head wrap runs deep down in your roots, then you must be feeling that instant dose of confidence once you tie your beautiful accessory and it matches your outfit and/or occasion. I get that too! For some reason it makes me feel like I can do it all with class and grace. Maybe it comes from seeing, watching and being a part of a generation of strong women who rocked their head wraps, also known as " kitambaa" beautifully and accomplished their goals gracefully. Thank you mum and grandmas for passing down the tradition!

Back to my heading; This beautiful accessories or designated fabrics are not only head wrap but can also be used for other reasons such as beach cover-up, scarf in cold seasons or even as a top for our expert sisters who can transform a scarf to and entire outfit.

So go ahead, get yourself a scarf/ head wrap and rock it like you mean it!

Ankara headwraps | FabricChild, LLC

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Hello Pat,
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Ann Owen

Thanks for sharing. I really like the white head wrap you are wearing. Do you have any videos on how to style and use the wraps?


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