Accessorizing With African Prints.

Accessorizing With African Prints.

Accessorizing with African Prints | FabricChild, LLC

There is something about the vibrant colors and beautiful patterns on African Prints Fabrics that always spark joy and a sense of belonging inside me.

Having been born and raised in Kenya, the African prints' clothing was part of my culture, and most of the time, special occasions such as weddings, birthdays and Christmas were marked by new outfits, acquired after a planned trip to the seamstress, where measurements were taken and the clothes lovingly and carefully handcrafted.

Ways To Incorporate / Accessorize with African Prints.

If you love African prints, be it the colors, patterns, culture or all of the above and wondering how to incorporate them into your outfit or décor, fret not. Below are some of the tips that might help.

  1. Using one color from the vibrant colors & patterns on your African print accessory to pick your outfit.

This tip is one of my favorite as it makes it easier to choose the outfit, ensuring that the African print accessory will match with the entire look and also stand out, thus doing its job 😍 "Accessorizing".

Here is one of my favorite looks: 


Photo Credits @Ashley.

I personally have never rocked a purple this well and will put this tip to work.  To me, purple speaks luxurious and just love how the entire look came together so beautifully. In the above picture, the model integrated the African Prints into her outfit of the day so well that you can still see it and appreciate its beauty, and the flow is seamless.👌 Covered and make it fashion.

Photo credits @Lukela.caleb

In this second picture, the model used color yellow, which is one of the many colors on the clutch bag, to pick out the dress, then added a matching head wrap to complete the outfit. This gave the outfit a formal event look, or even an evening date. Right now with nowhere to go, it could be a feel good look heading  to the fridge..... 😍

Below are more examples on using one color to pick out the outfit of the day.

In This picture, the outfit comprises of heels, jeans, t-shirt and a blazer. Adding the brightly colored and vibrant clutch purse brings the entire look into life, can gives it the potential of moving from basic casual to even a chill party/ wedding guest look.

Click on the Photo to find the T-shirt


Consider adding one of your favorite African prints' accessories to your little black dress and watch the outfit come to life with countless places to show up to. This does not have to be entirely a clutch bag, you can also use a head wrap, necklace, bracelets and even shoes.  

      2. Having an outfit with similar prints and colors as the accessory. 

Another way to accessorize with African prints fabrics is by going all in and have your outfit made out of similar prints and colors. this could either be a dress with matching head wrap, skirt with matching clutch bag, pants with matching necklaces and so many more.

Why not try a mommy and me matching outfit for your next special occasion or just for the memories?

     3. Let the African Print Accessory steal the Show.

In option three, having the African print accessory be its ' one man show' can be the way to go!

This step is simple yet bold as it allows your vibrant piece to be a conversation starter. This is also one of my favorite go to styles as it allows for freedom of fashion statement because your outfit of the day does not entirely rely on the colors of the accessory.

Photo credits @Alex

I love, love, love how this entire look turned out ! At a glance, this look is simple and outstanding. This is what I personally like to call owning your style and enjoying the colors, prints and patterns. 👌 Stay safe and make it fashion.

If I was to meet the model in person, my first statement would be, ' Wow ! I love your style. Where can I get one? ' And being a natural hair enthusiast, I would not hesitate to compliment on the healthy curls. And just like that, a conversation has been sparked by your beautiful accessory.

 Photo credit @fabricchildllc

This Photo, the Model has used 2 accessories with matching prints, patterns and colors to accessorize her outfit.

With the current events, safety is also very important and you can choose to add style to it and make it fashion and fun. The masks can be found at 

      4. Bold in All Prints

Now this one is my go to style when I need to pull my bold aunty moves and feel all confident!!!

Dear girl, Lady, Woman..... There is no such rule on what to wear or how to style it. Be bold, be dramatic, be Kenteful and most importantly, BE YOU 😍


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