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DIY Almond Infused Aloe Vera Oil | The Nurturing Plant

DIY Aloe vera oil . Chemical Free hair care products | FabricChild, LLC
Hello Darling, so glad you are here!
Now let us get straight to the goodness of Aloe Vera, the plant that nurtures right back.
Aloe Vera is a Cactus like plant that has short stems and stores water in its leaves. This makes the leaves feel fleshy to the touch and in there is the richness of components that can nurture, soothe, aid in healing and so much more!
The Making Of Almond Infused Aloe Vera Oil
You will need:
  1. Fresh Aloe vera leaves ( Store bought or cut form your home grown plant)
  2. Preferred carrier oil i.e. Almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, you choose!
  3. Small glass bottles for storage of your oil
  4. A pot and source of heat to help warm or boil the oil for the extraction
  5. Chopping board and knife to cut and peel the aloe vera in preparation
  6. A glass bowl with clean cold water.
  7. Cloves, cinnamon (Optional)
  8. Blender
Almond infused Aloe Vera Oil | FabricChild

      * Step 1: Source your aloe vera leaf/ leaves, depending on how much oil you need to make and the size of the aloe vera. I used 2 cuttings from my plant pictured above.
      ** Step 2: Wash the Aloe Vera leave with clean water to wash off any soil particles or dust if any.
      *** Step 3: Using chopping board and knife, carefully remove the thorny sides then slice the Aloe vera into sizes you can comfortably hold for the upcoming peeling process.
      **** Step 4: Fill the bowl with clean water and soak the chopped up aloe vera pieces for approximately 30 minutes to an hour. This helps take off the excessive Chlorophyll, chemicals and bitterness.
      *****Step 5: Drain and paper/ towel dry the aloe vera pieces. This ensures that there wont be excessive water in the oil mixture.
      ******Step 6: Peel the pieces , put them in the blender, add oil of choice ( 1-2 cups), Blend. I like to add a few peels to the blender to attain that green color in the oil.
      ******* Step 7: Add the mixture into a pot and bring to a boil then remove from heat, stir and let stand until it is completely cool. I let mine stand for 6-24hour in a glass measuring cup that has a spout. this process aids in the separation of oil, water and the blended residue.
      DIY Aloe Vera oil for natural hair care | FabricChild
      Storage and Spicing Things Up!
      This is my favorite part in the whole aloe vera oil making process because it is harvest time darling and we have worked hard to achieve this goodness.🤣😊
      * Step 1: Carefully separate the oil from the water and blended residue. If you already had the oil in a container with a spout, carefully pour the oil into a glass bottle without stirring the contents. 
      ** You can use a cheese cloth and a sieve for the last harvest of the oil. This final batch might have a little water or aloe vera particles which is normal in my opinion and should be the batch to be used first. 
      **Step 2: Add your choice of spices in the bottle . This is totally optional and you might want to do some research on the benefits of the spices you desire before using them.  In the pictures above and below;
              a) bottle one is only Almond infused aloe vera oil. 
              b) Bottle 2 has Almond infused Aloe vera oil and Cloves. Love the Scent!
              c) Bottle 3 was my final harvest and has Almond infused Aloe vera oil and dried cinnamon sticks. This was my first bottle in line of use as it contained some water and residue that pretty much settles in the bottom. 
      ** Step 3: Put a tight lid on then store in a cool dry place. I store my Aloe Vera oil in the fridge and use as needed.
      When you run low on supply, repeat the process and this is why I heavily suggest you start growing your own aloe vera plant in a pot, by the window. they sure are easy to take care of and they show you the nurturing love right back in due season!
      Use and Application
      Come through nurturing goodness! 💕❤️
      Now's the time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. 
      ** Use 1: I use the aloe vera oil on my daughter's and my hair , this includes the scalp, hair ends and the whole strand in general. The oil is pretty light weight and rarely leaves the sticky residue that is common with hair grease. Use 2-5 days a week. I love my applications before bed, followed by wearing a bonnet that stays on all night  / scarf.
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       **Use 2: I use Aloe Vera oil on the skin, rash, or bug bites. Consult with your doctor and make informed decision!
      Until next time, have a beautiful day or evening wherever you are darlings!
      Regards, Ann
      DIY Aloe Vera Oil | FabricChild, LLC
      For other benefits of Aloe Vera, read this blog I came across here 

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