Embracing Femininity with Elegance, Gentleness & Grace.

Welcome to FABRICCHILD! We offer gift-able XXL Braided Hair Bonnets for your protective hair needs, Custom Kimono / Wrap Robes, Satin Lined Hoodies and Made to Measure Clothing.

Bridal pastel xxl satin charmeuse lined bonnets | FabricChild, LLC

Shop XXL Braided Hair Bonnets

Shop our gentle & gift-able double layered XXL charmeuse satin lined bonnets / sleep cap. Great for protecrive hair styles, and hair edge protection. Look no further!

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Maxi Ankara House coat / Kimono robe . Bridal shower gift | Fabricchild

Custom Kimono & Wrap Robes

This collection features gift-able Ankara cotton Kimono and Shawl Collar Wrap robes that can be custom made with customer's fabric and measurements.

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Vintage bridal peignoir set | vintage miss elaine | Vintage fancey friday

Vintage Fancy Friday ✨️

Welcome to vintage Fancy Friday!

Shop & explore Elegant Vintage Finds Here

This collection features fabulously elegant & dainty vintage peignoirs, negligee, dresses & upcycled vintage textiles. Enjoy the fashion time-travel with us and lovingly embrace the feminine dreamy you!

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